Hot Line : +94 771 743 422

25 SQFT - LKR 5,000.00

50 SQFT - LKR 10,000.00

100 SQFT - LKR 20,000.00

200 SQFT - LKR 40,000.00

Please Note -

Discount Of 10% Will Be Provided For 12 Month Contracts Which Paid In Full In Advanced.

Self storage with East - West

Welcome to Sri Lanka’s first self storage provider!

We have available a variety of units for your every need, ready to be moved into today for as long as you require. This ensures that you have the right storage space and only pay for the self storage unit you need.

On top of secure storage, you also benefit from a range of services to help ease the process. We can help arrange transport through our van hire partners or pickup services.

In addition to offering tailored solutions for household storage and business storage, office space and office rental is available.
Our store is safe and secure, open 7 days a week with manned reception and 24 hour CCTV protection. You will be the sole key holder to your self storage unit.